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eBlink in Pink

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From Silicon Valley to Harvard Business School, between IT and business profil, the eBlink in Pink program was born, a way for me to share my experience and my vision.

Inspired by the diverse ecosystems and programs during the five years back between Algeria, Tunisia, San Francisco, New York, Houston, Istanbul, Dubai, ... and other cities, guided by my experience as a mentor and coach for youth women entrepreneurs, motivated by the possibility to make change in my country and throughout the MEA region, I launched eBlink in Pink.

A training and support program to help women in business from MEA region to grow their business by using new technologies, especially the web solutions. .

Nassima BERRAYAH, CEO eBlink

Join eBlink in Pink Program and the Neetwork Women in Business MEA

Program Features

Business Grow

eBlink in Pink helps you grow your business by using new technologies; Once your business is established and you’re making a profit; you may want to start thinking about how to grow. For scalability of your business, you need to study your data and make plan, by using technolgy you can do both and saving time and money.


Business owners and managers must know the importance of technology in a business, and they must using it; With eBlink in Pink Program, we help you not only to use it, but to achive your goals and objectifs; Starting by improving customer care, human resource management, communication, branding and product promotion, ending by using it as used as a catalyst for innovation.


The progarm ensures periodic workshops and webinars on web marketing, management, innovation, team building and also others fields that let you capable to deal easly with big firms for exemples: calls for tender, negociation and partenariat contrat . .


There are several factors to a business’s success and grow, and finding mentor is among those factors, An entrepreneur need a mentor to advise him and follow him; with eBlink in Pink you have chance to be matched with mentor, coach and experts from all over the world.

Participate in the economic development of the MEA Region

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